11" Aloe Vera & Gel Memory Foam Mattress

11" Aloe Vera & Gel Memory Foam Mattress

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Relish a blissful awakening through this heat-dispersing, stress-relieving, and hypoallergenic mattress.

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Breathe new life in your bedroom with our Felicity gel memory foam mattress. If you've had enough of stiffness and soreness every time you wake up, this mattress will keep your neck and spine in perfect alignment. You'll definitely notice a huge difference in the quality of your sleep.

Product Features

Breathable Poly Jacquard Cool Natural Aloe Vera fabric with Microfiber Piping and Handles
Our mattresses come with an elegant soft fabric and beautiful decorative handles. You'll always sleep fresh and cool.
Gel Memory Foam
Memory foam provides excellent support and natural spinal alignment as the gel particles easily dissipate heat as you sleep.
Increased Airflow
Innovative design creates a ventilated sleeping area that keeps your body feeling fresh and free from sweat and moisture.
CertiPUR US Certified
Tested by an accredited, independent lab. Certified to meet strict standards for content, indoor emissions, and durability.
No Motion Transfer
Reduces bounce and absorbs movement. Works effectively when one gets out of bed without disturbing the sleeping partner.
Activated Charcoal
Activated charcoal absorbs harmful odors and helps fight mold and mildew. It will not rub off, wash off, or wear off.